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Marisa Conlon

Health Visitor

Martina Marshall

Health Visitor

We as Health Visitors in Dungannon and  Coalisland Surestart deliver the Star Babies Programme to support first time parents from the antenatal stage until the baby is 12 months of age.

Our focus is on supporting mums and dads to promote their confidence and skills in areas such as feeding and the health and development of their child with the view that the transition to parenthood is made with ease. The programme places great emphasis on nurturing and emotional support in order to facilitate responsive parenting which in turn supports baby brain development.

In order to reinforce and increase parental understanding of the importance of secure attachment relationships with their baby and the impact on the developing brain we also deliver a programme called Little Einstein’s whereby parents can see the role they play in building their baby’s brain through positive experiences and responsive and loving relationships. In order for parents to be able to provide these positive childhood experiences we recognise the importance of parents own positive mental health and wellbeing in being able to provide these. 

Mind Yourself is a Health Visitor run group to enable parents to build skills to manage their stress and anxiety and improve their mental wellbeing using a variety of methods such as mindfulness, laughter yoga, chi me, five ways to wellbeing and other topics. 

Finally, Health Visitors focus on public health priorities and in order to ensure that parents feel supported in their journey towards healthy child development, we offer a Health Visiting Workshop on a monthly basis which focuses on a specific topic each month such as weaning, sleep, toilet training, positive parenting and dental health. 

The Health Visitor  are also  involved in the running of a weekly Breastfeeding Group whereby evidence based information and practical and emotional support is provided to enable mothers to gain confidence and to support their breastfeeding journey