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The Family Support team work in partnership with parents to support them in their role as their children’s first educators.

The Family Support Team aim to empower families through the wide range of support and activities we offer.

Our support for families is offered both via home visits and group based activities.

Home visits: 

Our home visit support is tailored to meet the individual needs of families available from pregnancy to your child reaches their fourth birthday.

Examples of the nature of these visits.

  • We complete a home visit to register families with SureStart
  • We provide ongoing support which can range from breastfeeding support, home baby massage/yoga, signposting for financial or housing issues, parenting support and signposting to services in the local community

Group activities: 

The family support team take the lead on a variety of group activities designed to promote good attachment between parents and children, reduce social isolation and support families to enhance their parenting strategies.

Below are some of the groups we deliver:

Baby Massage provides a wonderful experience for parents to connect and unwind with their babies whilst learning nurturing touch strokes.  Baby massage benefits include secure attachment, supporting your baby’s physical and mental development, providing relief from wind and colic, improving circulation and promoting better sleep.  Classes are suitable for babies from birth to 1 year old.  

Baby Yoga gives parents and children the opportunity through playful interaction and communication to experience the benefits of touch, stretching, movement and relaxation and songs.  There are 2 separate baby yoga classes to cater for different ages.  The first group caters for babies 3 – months (pre-mobile), and the second group is for babies crawling to walking to 18 months.

This is a 13 week parenting programme designed to strengthen parenting skills by providing simple tips, advice and support in dealing with challenging behaviour in children aged 1 -3 years.  The course aims to support parents in understanding how to build their child’s self-esteem through the use of praise, coaching and child-led play.  Crèche is available.

A 9 week programme for parents and babies, creating opportunities for peer support and socialisation. You will gain knowledge on your babies need for secure attachments.  It also encourages baby’s physical development and speech and language skills.

This programme is for parents of children 0 – 3 years.  There are a range of topics covered for example the art of listening, giving praise, child led play, choices and consequences.  Crèche is available with this programme.

This 11 week parenting programme gives parents the support needed to help manage the big and small issues of family life.  The programme covers a range of topics from behaviour management, social skills and self-esteem.  An important element of the programme is for parents to understand the importance of caring for yourself, so you can look after those around you.  Crèche is available with this programme.

The Parents Forum is an opportunity for parents to share what they think about SureStart activities, highlighting what we are doing well and what we can improve on.  Crèche is available with this programme.