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Artist In Residence

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Nina Chapman

Artist In residence

The Artist in Residence uses creativity and the arts to ensure that there is a beautiful, relaxing, evolving and stimulating learning environment for the children and families that attend Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start. Using a holistic Reggio Emilia inspired approach she delivers art-based groups such as Art Ventures and A Childs Eye View, which encourage children to connect with nature, awaken their senses and provoke their imaginations. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach she focuses on the many ways that children express themselves or as the Reggio Emilia practitioners call it “the hundred languages”.

In the art based groups children will get the opportunity to use many real artist’s tools and materials, such as clay, camera, watercolour paints, artist’s chalks and charcoal. Some of these are further explored through the Materials Workshops delivered by the artist. 

Promoting the positive benefits of art, she works with young parents and also alongside the health visitor using art as a more therapeutic activity. The Artist-in-Residence has a role linking with all groups to ensure that creativity is embedded in all Groups.