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Sure start

dungannon & Coalisland

Sure Start approach

Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start is one of 38 Sure Start Projects funded by the Department of Education (N Ireland).  Each Project has the same 3 broad aims but is uniquely designed to suit the needs of its area and its families. 

Here in Dungannon and Coalisland our distinctiveness stems from our many multicultural families and our ethos and philosophy which is inspired by the Reggio Emilia pedagogy in Northern Italy.  Several staff have visited Reggio Emilia in order to be able to adapt this wonderful approach to early childhood for our families here in Dungannon and Coalisland. You will see our Reggio Emilia influences in our physical environments, in how we set up our groups and how we welcome you and your children into our settings.  Find out more about our Reggio Emilia approach here.

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Promoting & Supporting

Supporting Parents
Our family support team and creche team aim to empower families through the wide range of support and activities we offer.
Promoting High quality

Play development and P2YO teams and Artist in Residence

Promoting Healthy Life choices

Promoting Healthy life choices for you and your child. Health Visitor, Midwife, Speech and Language Therapist

We Welcome Everyone

Sure Start services are provided to families living in the Sure Start Catchment area who have at least one child under 4 or who are ante-natal.  Our catchment area covers part of the following wards – Ballysaggart; Benburb; Coolhill; Drumglass; Killymeal; Moygashel; Mullaghmore and Castlecaulfield. We also cover Coalisland North; Coalisland South wards.

We welcome mums, dads, carers and grandparents to our groups provided they are registered with us. To check if you’re eligible to register, contact us by clicking below.


Parental Survey 2023/2024

Shaping services that best meet your needs

Experience Our Activities

Baby Playtime

Art Ventures

Baby Massage

Child's Eye View

Exploration Session


Play Time

Learn Play Grow

Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start are committed to creating a space of possibilities where there is excellence, innovation and creativity and where every child and parent feels respected and valued.

Sure Start Vision


Developmental Programme

We have 6 Developmental Programmes for Two to Three Year Old.

Sure Start Midwifery

To encourage antenatal families to register with Sure Start

Health Visiting

Health Visitors are trained in child health and development and also family and community public health.

Speech & Language Therapy

The Sure Start Speech & Language Therapists can provide information, training and screening of speech, language and communication.

Family Support Team

Our Family Support Team comprises of Family Support Workers , two of which are bi-lingual and the Family Support Team Leader.

Play Development Team

Our Play Development Team comprises of Play Development Workers and Play Development Team Leader

Artist in Residence

Our Artist's role is to implement a more creative approach within our centre and our developmental 2-3 year old programme settings.

Sure Start Creche

The Dungannon and Coalisland Crèche is a setting where babies, toddlers and young children are cared for in a safe and stimulating environment.

Sure Start Administration

The Administration Team provides a full and comprehensive support service for our multi-disciplinary team.

We believe that children are capable, strong, intelligent, and resourceful

When we observe them at play, we can see them build knowledge and begin to understand who they are and  their place in the world.  Here in Dungannon and Coalisland Sure Start staff provide many ways for your children to learn and build knowledge.  We do this by providing high quality play opportunities in group activities, one to one appointments in our Imagination Station and home based play.

 We continue to be inspired by so many of the paintings, photos, sculptures, constructions, creations that children make when they are with us. 

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